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Lately I can't help but feel the same way I felt after I was raped. Dirty. Disgusted. Confused. Used. I feel like my husband has no respect for me. One night, about four years ago, my husband and his friend were drinking at our condo. My husband got too drunk and I had to put him… Continue reading Disgusted

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Something to think about for the new year

It's the end of 2013 and oh what a year it has been. I accomplished nothing that I said I would and have only added to what seems like my endless debt. Though I was almost convinced the struggles of my marriage were over I recently got smacked in the face with truth and realized… Continue reading Something to think about for the new year

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I thank God for you.

I haven't been on in a few days due to my lack of internet/computers and I have a bad case of strep throat. I was surprised to see the amount of support love and comments on a post I made during a time of anger sadness and pain. just wanted to thank all of… Continue reading I thank God for you.