Red Strings

Where are all the Shakespeare’s or the E.E. Cumming’s? Who’s job is it to define what true love is? What defines a soul mate? What is love and what do we do with it?

soul mate

I think a soul mate is whatever you make it to be. Someone who for one reason or another keeps popping back into your life. Maybe you notice the pattern, perhaps you don’t. You may begin to notice it when it becomes a constant. Somehow, someway, the world leads you two along parallel paths, only to come to a place where your paths meet and merge as one. Maybe along your shared path lies a trail, off to the side and not entirely noticeable. You could walk days, weeks, months, maybe years alone. And sometimes you will wonder if your paths will ever cross again, and other times you will be so occupied with the twists and turns of your own path, that any other path seems non existent. Until you cross paths again, only to merge as one. Hand in hand you walk, and sure one or both of you may venture off along the way, get lost perhaps. But after a few more bumps in the road your paths find each other again. Your soul mate is that one constant in your life. Always there, but not always present.

Love String

Have you ever heard of the red string of fate? It’s a myth that the God’s have tied around every single persons left pinky a red string, connected to someone else out in the world. That’s your soul mate. Your string may twist, knot, and tangle, but it never breaks.

Call me a romantic, but these stories, these myths bring me some comfort during my loneliest days.

You may be sitting there laughing, smiling, crying… you may sit there with no emotions at all. But the question remains…

Do you believe in love?



  1. Thought-provoking. I am a firm believer in the idea of a soul mate, but I think it’s a thing that is momentary. Not as if it lasts for only sixty seconds, but it is momentary in the long arc of one’s life. To find somebody who is a lifelong soulmate is an extremely rare thing. I’ve found a soulmate or two along the way … giving me hope for the idea. But, the reality is … months go by, years go by, and things change. I don’t know.

    I haven’t given up on the idea of a soulmate. But it’s a challenge, that’s for sure.

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