Against the Odds.

sunday whirl

Broken promises filled with empty words gnaw at my heart.
I’m hanging on to this idea of love by a thread, slowing threading apart.
Your name silently echos, over and over in my brain.
I try to get my wheels to turn, but all that does is bring on the rain.
I’m silently falling deeper, straight into this love.
Praying for something, like a sign from above.
My ears are now ringing, from truth I don’t hear.
Questions untouched out of fear.
But wait, my beloved, do you hear that faint whisper?
A whistle of sorts and it’s getting closer.
A sign in large print, do you see it too?
The world is telling me to let you go, but I still don’t want to.
It feels right in my heart, it’s our life- lets live it.
Forget all the fools and their words- we don’t need it.
We have each other, and one another we got.
Through this long year of pain, together we fought.
We can come out of this, just wait and you’ll see.
There will never be a time you don’t want to be with me.


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  1. Beautifully Expressed….from the outside we build those signs for you…..we haven’t had your experiences…..lived your life…’s easy for us……you have to follow your heart…..but, let your brain have its turn…..

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