Love is better fought when we’re fighting together

I can’t sleep. 

Got you on my mind like fine wine from a connoisseur. 

I love the taste but can’t have too much, my pockets are poor. 

Just one kiss is all it takes to reminisce about all the bliss. 

I hate who you became but at the end of the day I love you just the same. 

And it hurts knowing you’re so far away. 

I thank God for our good moments and pray for you every day. 

There’s a light inside you, there’s the switch, go find it. 

You’re capable of being great why don’t you try it?

Things have happened in the past but today is a new day. 

And tomorrow’s never promised mate so hey, what do you say?

Can we be together, drop the pain, everything’s all better. 

I learned from my mistakes and wrongs, say the same, what is taking you so long?

Your destiny rides hand in hand with me. 

I see it in your eyes you still love me. 

Let’s take it, forget the world, they won’t make it. 

True loves the love worth giving. 

And love isn’t love unless both ends are receiving. 

The language of love, sometimes it gets confusing. 

Is it happiness you want, if so what are you choosing? 

Do what’s right, trust your heart, drop the fight. 

I carry your heart, I’ll never drop it. 

You’re holding the key but I’m the one that’s locked it. 

Miss me, you’ll see, we were always meant to be. 

Ask me to wait, I’ll say gladly. 

Time doesn’t freeze, and it’s all we have. 

So hold on to this love, grab it, put it in the bag. 

I got you, you got me. 

That’s all we need. 

We’ll figure it out together. 

Love is better fought when we’re fighting together

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