Thawed Love.



She was beautiful as she walked across the yard, a child in her arms and another clinging to her white floral print sun dress. He quickly turned away and regretted it immediately. Turning back to her, seeing her smile at him, the ice surrounding his heart began to thaw. This was the woman he loved, despite the odds against them. 

Putting the child in his arms, she turned to say hello to his friend. A soft pang of jealousy arose when he saw his friends hand wrap around her back, his lips to her cheek. He pushed it aside, not wanting to refreeze the now thawing ice.

While the children all played, the three adults sat in the sun and talked. Her legs were an amazing site, and he sat back in his chair imagining those legs wrapped around him. They were over though, so the chances of that happening were slim. Or maybe not. The light in her eyes each time she laid them on him proved to him she must still love him. He wouldn’t dare ask. 

As the hours flew by, and the sun started to set, he couldn’t feel the ice around his heart anymore. Her light and laughter shook him to his soul, and he yearned to be one with her again. When she got up to leave, gathering her things and cleaning up the table, he found himself walking towards her. His feet had a mind of their own. He couldn’t let her leave without a kiss or a hug at least. When he approached her, she looked up and him and flashed him that beautiful smile. He couldn’t stop himself from pulling her into his arms and kissing her on the forehead. The love between them was still there, despite all the ice. Perhaps it wasn’t too late for him to reclaim his spot in her heart. If he would just try. 




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