Soul mates




He let the shadow of doubt leave a rancid trail of hate throughout his soul. Inside his head were the whispers of hope, whispers so faint he could barely hear them. Something needed to happen. Something to ignite his heart and allow him to come out of this evil trance that surrounded his every waking moment.

It was a miracle she spoke to him after the events of the past years. She walked out of his life, thinking she would never walk back in. She was wrong. Seeing each other at the beach early this morning changed all that. It was as if the world became silent, so silent a pin could be heard dropping into the waterShould I leave? They both thought in unison. Slowly, they approached the shore simultaneously, the calm water now disturbed by the ripples from their steps. No words were said, nor were they needed. Their hearts reached for one another, craving one last touch. A silent battle broke out within their minds as they fought to stay close yet at the same time fought to walk away. Some kind of force was bringing them closer together. Closer, and closer they walked. As they stood mere inches from each other, their fingers touched. The winds burst around them, and they were swallowed into each others hearts. The rumors were true after all. Soul mates have a tendency to find each other over and over again.





    • I was torn between the endings I had in mind, but with so much negativity surrounding my world, and my non belief in love at the moment.. I decided a HEA (happily ever after) was the better way to go.

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