Accepting a dream for what it is… a dream. 

I just dropped the kids off at school when I got the text. My mind froze, my heart stopped, and I had to pull over. He was served the divorce papers. Now I know this is just the begpinning of a very long arduous road, but still it makes me sad. I didn’t cry. I wanted to, sure, and maybe I should have but I couldn’t bring myself to allow the tears to fall. So I didn’t. I am going on with my busy day. 

For a moment, I wondered how he reacted. If he knew this was coming. I stopped myself before I could over analyze like I normally do. 

Our relationship was over a long time ago. Instead of dwelling on the past or on the broken future path we have landed on, I’ve decided to just accept. Accept that he is who he is and he will never change. Accept that I dealt with so much for so long in silence, and I won’t anymore. Accept that somewhere out there is a better life for my kids and I. 

And finally, accept that all hope and dreams of my family being back together are just that. Dreams. Dreams that will never be a reality. 



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