love · poetry


When the tears come out of nowhere, and there’s no where left to run. 

When you shake and dread deep inside what you fear may surely come. 

When you try to force a smile, but forget how to hide away the pain. 

When you sit and overthink your life, wondering if you will be happy again. 

When you reminisce about your family, missing them with all your heart. 

Wondering why you did the things you did that now keep you apart. 

When all the world is crumbling down, and you don’t know what to do. 

Remember me, I’m always here, thinking about you too. 

This whole world is overwhelming, just know I got your back. 

Through it all I’m always here, ready to pick up the slack. 

You and me we’re still a team, though that isn’t what it seems. 

Just hold tight in your heart, together we will live our dreams. 


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