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They no longer walked in harmony. He thought left, she went right. He looked up, she closed her eyes. One said yes, the other said no. It was as if within the span of a day they turned opposite ways. That happens in life, I guess. Sometimes people just grow apart. They no longer danced, their feet out of tune with the music of each other.

She thought of him at times, and he thought of her. They each remembered the good in each other, but what kept them apart was remembering the bad. They both knew the good outweighed the bad but it was like their anger towards each other made them blind. Blind to the fact that they still cared for each other, still had love for one another. Blind to all the ways they could make it work, only able to see all the ways it wouldn’t.

The thing about soul mates is, the universe can’t keep them apart for long. Nothing can. Some how, some way they find their way back to each other willingly or not. They will always be a part of one another.

It’s up to them to see the light. Up to them to pull together their ends of the thread of fate. They can do it, it’s only a matter of time.

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