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Lead the way 

She still had no idea what she was getting herself into but in this moment she didn’t care. Sitting in his lap in front of the fire pit, his fingers tracing circles on his thighs, she was content. I mean really, it was just his attention that she wanted in this moment. Nothing more. Or so she thought. 

She knew it would only be a matter of time before he would lead her away to the tent out back. So she sat, still, nuzzling her head against his throat as his hands came closer and closer to her crevice. Slipping his thumbs under her skirt, he pulled it up, ever so slightly. His thumb, a trail of lava on her skin, reached it destination and she had to stifle her moan in a cough. 

“Come with me,” he whispered. “I want to show you the new equipment we got.”  No pun intended. The yard was filled with all new gizmos and gadgets for his job. She wasn’t interested in what the yard had. She wanted him inside her. He knew it. 

Grabbing her hand he led her to the back tent, pointing out each piece of equipment as they walked. She led the way into the tent, pulling him close and letting him ravage her throats with his hardness. 

And then


8 thoughts on “Lead the way 

  1. No disapointment, i obviously enjoy these kind of stories. But i did read your other topics, and they are really well written. I just quietly enjoyed them. Im sure ill comment on them as well. Cant always be feeling randy,lol.

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