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Best they ever had. 

What the fuck am I doing? Melanie thought as she slid her lace black thong over her hips. His hands felt so good on her as they slid her blue dress up over her breasts. His dick was hard against her butt as he slid it down towards her opening. Dropping wet and ready he slid right into her tight folds. 

Yes, she moaned out loud, which only excited him more. He pushed his girth inside her over and over and over. Her nipples peaked as he rubbed his palms over her. She was reaching her climax already. His breath hard in her ear as he pounded into her over and over. Faster and faster. 

Until finally, he exploded inside of her causing her entire body to clench and convulse. 

No matter their history, together they were the best sex each other ever had. 


7 thoughts on “Best they ever had. 

  1. You have a gift. Usually reading erotic stories doesnt get me as “excited” as yours do. Thank you, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you! Erotica comes easy to me at times but other times I feel like I can’t write it at all. Thanks for the comment! Maybe I will be able to write it again tonight

      1. I am a fan of all the details you use. I cant write for sh*t. But i know the more details the better the results. I really look forward to seeing how you top this. What do you use for inspiration in these stories?

  2. That sounds fair to me, my memory could stand a wiping or 2,lol . Ill just eagerly await to for your next offering. Def keep that imagination active, its good for your soul.

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