The mirror sees what’s underneath. 

The world just sees her smile. Sees the way she loves to laugh. They see how hard she works and how good of a job she does raising her kids. They see her as a strong, independent woman who makes life look so easy. 

The mirror doesn’t see that. 

The mirror sees her bloodshot eyes, puffy from all the tears. The mirror sees how quiet she is, how she’s running and hiding in fear. The mirror thinks she’s not good enough, doesn’t do enough, she’s not capable. The mirror sees how weak she is. The mirror sees life’s difficulties crushing her soul. 

The mirror can’t see what those around her see, and those around her can’t understand how the mirror sees so differently. A broken reflection is all she knows. A beautiful smile is all she shows. 



  1. The mirror lies. It shows you what you think rather than what is reality. Ignore the mirror and recognize and accept your beauty, your heart, your soul, and the wonder that is you. Never, ever believe in the image in the mirror that you have painted for yourself. Instead, believe in the image that is the real you. The beautiful, incredible you.

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