My daughters school is very into family. This month every Wednesday is a no homework night dedicated to doing things with your family. Every day the children have to draw pictures of their family. For a while Ariana was drawing her dad along with me and her brother. Today she came home with two pictures she drew of her family. 

Of course I noticed there were only three people on these pictures she drew. So I asked her Ariana who did you draw. She said my family. I said oh ok. Who in the family did you draw. ” me you and Maximus mommy!” She said. 

I didn’t know if I should ask her why she didn’t draw her daddy but I decided to see what she would say. 

Me: Nani. I love your pictures but you didn’t draw daddy. 

Nani: I know mom. He’s not in my family anymore. 

Me: Nani daddy will always be in your family. 

Ariana: (with a straight face) no mommy. Not anymore. But it’s ok cause I have Maximus and you! 

(Runs away giggling)

Sigh. She’s coping in her own way and I guess this is progress in a way. She’s not so sad anymore that he’s not around. 

Only time will tell. 



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