Last Goodbye

There was nothing ordinary about the look in his eyes when he saw she had moved on. Black eyes full of envy, fear, regret, and jealousy. The old saying ‘you never know what you have until it’s gone’ was true in this instance. He was incapable of loving her in the way she needed and deserved to be loved while they were together. He took her for-granted, used her when he needed and discarded her right after. She was hooked from the beginning, but he could see her slowly freeing herself throughout the past year, slowly disentangling the web he built around her.

When she said she was done he laughed. How many times had they broken up only to be back together again within days? Too many. So when she finally walked out the door, he thought she would come back like she always did. Why would this time be any different?

It was different however, he knew once she stopped answering his texts and calls. He knew it by the way she blocked his social media, the way she changed her routine and her hair. This angered him, filled him with a silent rage. He had to have her back.

He waited for her at the coffee shop she normally frequented. Sitting in a corner table with full view of the front door he sipped his coffee and waited. Towards mid afternoon he saw her, wrapped in the arms of a new man, a man twice his size with triple his heart. Rage, anger, and jealousy flashed over him in waves, but he sat motionless. She didn’t even notice him.

He finally knew what he had lost. To get it back was impossible. So he left that coffee shop, full of regret and sorrow, mourning the greatest love he had ever known. Because for some reason a part of him knew it was the end.

The question was… would he accept it?

Probably not.





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