I need your help

I’m trying to write about all the abuse I suffered with my ex these past ten years. I remember every single time he put his hands on me. I can recall the smallest of details from what we were wearing to the smell of the area we were in. But as I’m writing, the monster has found me. It’s different this time. It’s in my chest but as the tears fall down my face the monster slowly dissipates. I wonder how far I can get with this, or if maybe the monster will be gone for good.

Readers, I need your support, your wise words and helpful hands that have gotten through these past few months. I need it more now as I let go of everything he has put me through. I’m finally moving on in every aspect of my life and I feel like this is the final piece.



  1. Be good to yourself and pace yourself. If it’s too early to write about those painful memories, wait. It will never be easy, but you don’t need to take too much pain at once.

  2. Like the other commenter suggests, don’t rush into this. You may need a little more time and space before trying this project. But, if you’re committed to it now, accept that it will be difficult at times, freeing at times.

  3. What is that little thing that you can hold on to? Find that and don’t let the rest feed the monster.
    You’ll go through a few weeks where words won’t come out and it will be frustrating, particularly when writing is your first reflex. But then, when it pours out, just let go of everything until there is nothing left to say! In the meantime, I’ll be reading you 🙂

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