Audra’s letter 

Writing prompt 112: write a letter to someone you lost. Tell them how losing them has affected you. Can be fiction or non fiction. 
Dear tommy,

You know when I met you I immediately liked you. Not in the omg I want to have sex with you run off and get married sort of way. You seemed to genuinely a great person and I loved it. As we got to know each other you grew on me. I started looking forward to seeing you or spending time with you. 

I’m not going to lie. I never thought we’d sleep together but it’s happened quite a few times now and if it were up to me it would happen every day. 

Maybe it’s good that we’re keeping our distance. Maybe it’s good that you told me you can’t fall for me. Because I can’t fall for a man in your position either. 

Truth is. I think I already did. 

It hurts not talking to you or seeing you. But at the same time I gave up chasing men and I’m certainly not going to chase you. I wish we could be friends but I’m not sure if you can handle that. 

But I miss you. More than I should. So much has happened for me and I want to share it with you. 

I hope we meet again my dear tommy. I hope we can push our feelings aside and continue a friendship. 

Love always, 



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