Vivid Dreams: Touch Me

Vivid dreams I can’t wake up from. The feel of his hands on my body pulsates my heart, rushing blood to my core. Big soft hands upon my skin, shivers down my spine. I want to give him. Colors swirling about me with each stroke upon my nipples. It’s cold in here but the heat from our bodies integrating melts the frost from the windows. Each breath comes out in a cloud, and I breathe in and out and in and out, faster and faster. Touch me. More. Please. Give me what I need.

As his hands contour my curves my hips thrust towards him. I’m waiting, trying to be patient, listening to the sound of our breaths in rapid succession. My eyes are closed and I’m yearning. Touch me. My nails are digging into his back, pulling him closer. He pushes inside my folds, deeper and deeper. Climactic events on the horizon, I can feel them. Intensity. I’m yearning for the release that will soon be upon me. Wrapping my legs around him I pull him deeper inside me, as he licks my neck. Until suddenly, finally, blissfully…. I ignite. A fire so hot it burns through my body, vibrating through every inch of me. Every part of me is heaven and I am reminded once again how much I love this.

The end.





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