Oh Tommy: Awakening Audra Part II

We shouldn’t be doing this, thought Audra as Tommy slip his hand up her thigh. The brush of his fingertips against her stocking was riveting and sent a chill down her spine.

“Tommy,” she breathlessly whispered as he pulled her dress over her butt.

“Shh, baby,” he firmly said. “Let me see you.”

“But Tommy, we shouldn’t. Someone can walk in at any min-” she was cut off as his fingers slid inside her folds. He knew just the right rhythm to work her into oblivion. Her core was heating quickly as he stimulated her faster and faster. She slid her stockings down, grabbing hold of his shaft. It was a rock already. She couldn’t wait.

“Tommy,” she whispered as she pulled his face closer. Staring into her eyes, a fire burned in his chest. “Give me what I need,” she whispered. “Now.”

Tommy thrust his dripping cock inside her tight folds, pushing past the resistance. Faster and faster, harder and harder.



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