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Look at you being all independent and shit. 

For a long time I’ve suffered with no self-esteem. I’ve had confidence issues body image issues secret abuse issues that you all now know about. I’ve noticed though that a lot of the time I’ve looked to other people to give me what I was lacking. To give me that self-confidence that high self-esteem that feel good feeling that you get from being you. I didn’t have it on my own and it was hard. but now I see me and I am beautiful, and independent, and lovely, and smart, and funny, and amazing. Do you understand how good that feels?I have recently accomplished something I never thought possible. Actually a bunch of things I never thought possible. I left him. Which was hard in the beginning but surprise surprise… I don’t miss him much anymore. I saved a ton of money. I found my amazing apartment that I’m in love with. I paid for it. I bought my kids and me all new furniture. I did so much this past week and the best part? I did it all on my own. 

That, my friends, is the shocker. I didn’t ask (not that I needed to) for help from anyone. 

I’ve also decided to expel any and all negativity from my life. I’ve cut off a lot of people but I don’t see that as a loss. I’m the happiest I have been in years and I have amazing people surrounding me. 

I can’t believe how good my life is going now. I can’t believe how independent I am. And all this I thank God for. 

Because God is good all the time 💜


4 thoughts on “Look at you being all independent and shit. 

  1. Congratulations! You’ve proven yourself to be both brave and capable. I wrote a similiar piece that I think you may be able to relate to. Feel free to check it out, /perfectlyimperfect32com.blog/2017/03/02/learning-to-overcome/?iframe=true&theme_preview=true

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