Writing Prompt: Write a short story in which a character makes the difficult
decision to end a meaningful relationship. Describe his/her feelings and thought
process. End with “But (he/she) did it, (he/she) pushed (him/her) out the door
and out of (his/her) heart.


Her heart was broken and like shattered glass no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get the pieces to fit together right. Her dream of like with him was slowly morphing itself into a nightmare. She had to let him go. She couldn’t. Couldn’t even fathom a life separate from him. At night she would cry and pray for her family to be whole again. Her days were spent solemn and lonely, quiet and somber. She moved like a ghost through the halls of her office, occasionally being asked if she was OK in which she would force a smile and say she was fine. She was far from it.

She couldn’t understand why she was feeling this way. Why, when he had told her it was over, she couldn’t accept it and move on. He had told her, numerous times, they couldn’t make it work. How his family and friends influenced his decision. She was hurt and upset. She battled a constant struggle with the fear of a broken home, a broken life, fear of lost love. It was as if she couldn’t take her next breath.

One day, she decided to open her heart and allow someone in. This new man blew her away and soon the love she once felt for her lost love was just that… lost. Her children grew to love him and he loved them. Finally, she had what she wanted, a real family. It was unexpected but she cherished it. To keep her heart free from missing her old love, she would only talk to him through text about the kids. She never would open the door to let him slide his way into her heart.

She couldn’t help but wonder how the man who broke her felt about her new life. In a way, he was replaced. There was a new man in the house, a man there much more than him. A man there for his children every morning when they woke up, a man who tucked them in every night. Did it bother him, she wondered. Is he sad? Does he wish he would have worked harder for his family? She wouldn’t dare ask, and refused to look him in the eye whenever he would come by.

Until one night, while her new man was out, her old love came by saying he wanted to see his kids. Fine with it, she allowed him in and he stayed to put the kids to bed. Afterwards, he was slow to leave, is strides to the door turned into little steps until suddenly they ceased. He turned to her and hugged her. Not knowing how to react, she hugged him back, desperately trying not to bury her face in his chest or breathe in his scent. He always knew the right buttons to push. She couldn’t let him.

Pushing him to leave was the hardest thing she had done in a while. But she did it, she pushed him out the door and out of her heart.



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