Eight years ago today…

You know how Facebook gives you a list of your memories, posts from other years pop up. I hate going through them because most of mine contain pictures of him or quotes about love tagging him. Today I saw a bunch of cute pictures of my daughter so I decided to look.

What I didn’t expect to see was a reminder that eight years ago, you proposed. No matter how hard I try I’ll never forget it. You brought me to the beach, my favorite place, late at night. It was a beautiful night, the sky twinkled with stars. A soft breeze blew by, and suddenly you got down on one knee. I remember what you said, but I’ll keep that in my heart. I know you don’t remember.

Surprisingly, I feel nothing remembering this. I am not sad, or happy or anything. I guess I’m having one of those numb days again. However today I miss him, a little. I know its normal. I know with time it will pass.

For now, I’ll get through this day with God by my side, helping to keep the sadness away.



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