I can’t believe where I am compared to where I was. 

I am so completely proud of myself. I have never felt this strong before, I’ve never felt this positive about the future. I still had bad moments but I no longer have bad days. I’ve slowly progressed from missing him and wishing I never spoke up about the abuse I’ve suffered to thanking God for giving me the strength to do so. 

For the first time in years I am completely dependent on myself. I pay my bills. I pay my rent. I pay my car. I pay my daughters activities and my sons schooling. All on my own. I work two jobs and I work a hell of a lot to afford my lifestyle. I am a completely independent woman and I can not believe I’m here but I am so proud of all I have accomplished. 

Sometimes we need to take a minute to pat ourselves on the back. I did something today that made me realize I can finally live for me and my kids without worry. He can’t hurt us anymore. 

It’s amazing to feel this. Though I know there will be times I struggle, times I miss him, times I miss us… I now know that it’s ok and I can do this. All on my own. 

And that, my friends, is much more than I ever expected. 



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