Awakening Audra

I was mindless as he stood behind me, slowly lifting up my dress. The feel of his fingertips on my hips as he pulled down my thong had me senseless. At first I couldn’t recognize the feeling. I was consumed with need. I hadn’t been touched in weeks. I hadn’t wanted to be touched… until this moment. 

For the last few weeks Audra felt nothing, not on purpose. A constant numbness had filled her, only to be broken by bouts of sadness or fear. Sex had not been on her mind at all, which if you know Audra, was completely out of character for her. She loved sex. Everyday she wanted to have sex and often her mind was filled with vivid exploits and erotica. So for someone so sexually charged, not wanting to have sex for such a long period of time was crazy. 

But when Tommy came around, everything changed. Not at first. No. First they were friendly and joking as they often did with each other. Until he touched her with his lips she was numb. Until his hands were on her, his breath on her neck, she had felt nothing. Suddenly the numbness disappeared, turning into a frantic need to be touched. She had forgotten what it felt like to be wanted. Forgotten what it felt like to have strong hands on her, grabbing her, needing her. It seemed Tommy knew exactly what buttons to push to bring Audra back to life. 

The feel of him inside me was contagious, touching me in every nerve I had. My spirit, for a moment, broke free from the darkness. For a moment, I remembered what it was like to feel alive. And it was amazing. 


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