I See You Now

I have no idea who you are anymore. 
Is this who you always were? I guess your true colors are showing now. For a while I was sorry that this was happening. I felt sad for you. I had sympathy. Then today in court when they were mentioning my car and how it’s really up to you what goes on with it… you looked at me, smiled, and winked. Now I see you. I see you clearly. 

I thought the things you have been doing have been due to anger. Never did I think you were so cunning and vindictive. You want revenge. You want to hurt me. I see that now

I guess emptying our bank account, leaving the kids (not me. Our children) with nothing wasn’t enough for you. I guess our sons childcare costs and our daughters recent healthcare costs don’t mean much to you. That makes me sad. Not for you. Sad our kids have exactly what you promised you’d never become. A dead beat dad. But I see you now. 

I guess violating your order of protection was a ploy to just get me riled up. I guess that backfired since you spent a few nights in jail. But don’t worry. I see you now. 

Truly it felt strange to hear you admit to the court your wrong doing from a few weeks ago. I could tell it was hard. I could tell you were scared and sad. But now, I feel nothing for you. 

I see you. Clearly. And you know what? One day our children will see you for who you really are too. I don’t care for you at all anymore. I have no sympathy. I feel nothing but a great loss of a man I thought I knew. 

I guess I never knew you. 

But it’s ok. 

I see you now



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