I think you must have gone off the deep end or maybe you lost your mind. Your blatant disregard for the laws and rules set upon you is baffling to me. And on top of that, you are doing things you’ve always told me you wouldn’t do. Hiding from the police? Who is this new you? 

Sometimes I find myself wondering if you’re ok. I wonder what is going through your mind. I wonder how you feel about me now. I remember the times where I’ve asked you if you would hate me for doing exactly what I’m doing and you always said no. I don’t believe that’s true now. 

I wish I could talk to you sometimes. I wish you could be rational. I wish for so much I can’t have. 

For now, I spend my days and nights taking care of our children. Our daughter especially since she has been affected in the worse way by this. Our daughter who would constantly ask for her daddy hasn’t mentioned you once. I hope that the counseling I have enrolled her in helps her quickly. 

Goodbye for now my lost love. I’ve given up on trying to see you for who I thought you were and am going to embrace who you are, or who you’ve become. A stranger. 


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