A daughters cry


She cries

In her sleep

To the skies.

Stop it! Don’t hurt us!

She trembles

And hides. 

She tosses and turns

For part of the night. 

I lay next to her 

And listen

And pray she’s alright. 

Moaning and groaning

She lays in the bed,

Tears on her pillow

Sweat on her head. 

The words she can’t find

Stir in her nightmares. 

She’s crying for you

But you are not there. 

She’s tainted by you

By the choices you’ve made

By the actions that caused 

You to lose so much that day. 

And though she stays silent

And never mentions your name

At night she calls out

Daddy no!

Over and over again. 

My daughter is Tossing and turning tonight. Crying out in her sleep and it’s breaking my heart. For the love she once knew for her father is gone. Instead she’s afraid and broken hearted. I pray and I pray for my baby to heal but I know it will take time. 😞



  1. It will take time. No doubt about it. But, like I said, kids are more resilient than we ever think possible. All she needs a positive, supporting, loving environment where violence is not an option, and she will be light years further along than you might consider possible.

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