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I Am Good Enough

It seems that it is time to accept the fact that my husband, for whatever unseen reason, will not make an effort to change, or to put his family first. It makes me deeply sad to accept this reality but he hasn’t left me with much choice. I spoke to an old friend of his today. He reminded me of the man my husband used to be. Driven, goal orientated, but most importantly… family orientated. His wife and his children seem to come first above all and I wonder what happened with my husband. Why did this all change? I’m tired of not getting an answer.
I’ve decided to just let it go. There’s only so much you can take before you snap and I don’t want to snap. I have to put my children  first, and teach them that even though they don’t have a father anymore they still have me. I can keep the monster at bay, at least while I am with the kids. I am good enough….




well… I’m going to try to be.


10 thoughts on “I Am Good Enough

  1. You are brilliant, certainly good enough. His demons are his own, but they’ll try to claw onto your back, as well. I find daily words of affirmation help keep ill feelings at bay. Good luck and well wishes to you!

  2. Try is all you or anybody else can do. And every day you wake up you just keep trying. You’ll get there and your kids will be better for not having lived through any more turmoil between you and their father.

  3. I can relate to so much about what you write about. We have to put our kids first for they learn that abuse is acceptable, but it is not. The cycle of abuse has to be broken!!

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