I was already wet with anticipation when he reached over the center console and stuck his hand between my thighs. A quivered breath escaped my lips as my eyes rolled back and my hips thrust up. I purposely forgot to wear panties when he picked me up at my apartment. When he mentioned a small road trip to the far East beach I made sure I was prepared. The sight of him at my door had my knees weak. I wanted to throw him on to my leather sofa and ride the hell out of his juicy thick cock. I’ve heard patience is a virtue and though the anticipation seemed to be killing me, I knew he wait would make my eventual orgasm that much better.

The lights on  the free way were so spaced out at times it seemed we were in complete darkness. With no tints on the windows of his pickup I decided to get creative and pushed my seat as far back know as I could. Of course I didn’t mind if some unsuspecting driver caught an eyeful of what I had planned but I wasn’t sure how he would feel about it. With my seat back and his hand tracing circles along he innermost parts of my thighs, I quickly lifted my dress over my head. Completely nude, with my nipples pointed to the sky I started playing with my tips, hoping he would get the hint of what it was I  wanted needed. His quick glances grew to stares as he watched me squirm in my seat. Finally he thrust his two fingers inside me, causing a gush to trail down my ass and on to his seat. He didn’t seem to mind, but even if he did there was no way I was holding anything back. I needed to be funded and he seemed willing to give me exactly that. 

After thirty minutes of fondling, again I was impatient. I grabbed his cock from his jeans and started to suckered, long deep pulls from his dick. He tasted delicious, so manly. Exactly how I liked it. His moans only made me need him more. Looking around there was one car a few lengths behind us. Without a second thought I straddled him on the drivers seat, wrapped my pushy around him and started to ride. Oh how the moans from the two of us made me gush several times. With an orgasm approaching I began to clench his cock with the walls of my pussy, milking him hoping to release together. It worked, as he sucked my nipple into his mouth. Such a great release, his hot steamy juices pouring into me, warming my from the inside out. 

Slowly I climbed back into my reclined seat. When I reached for my dress he stopped me telling me to just sit naked. He wanted to be able to see me in the glow of the moon. 

Touch yourself, he said. Naturally, I obliged. 



  1. Very hot story, couldn’t help but get rock hard. Love the detail. Keep them story’s Cumming,,, β™»πŸŒŸπŸ“–

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