Not Enough.


The stubble on his chin as it rubbed against my pussy lips, burned a fire throughout my limbs. My mind became blank as he slipped his tongue into my folds and onto my clit, flicking back and forth and back and forth. Wrapped in nothing but my silk robe, I let the fabric take over the rest of my body, its coolness melting against me as the seconds passed. I drifted on a cloud of bliss as my orgasm towered over me, my legs shaking uncontrollably. I waited for the shaking to decline but instead it slowed into a steady vibration. I was in bliss.

The clock chimed, signalling the end of our time together, but I wasn’t ready. As he raised up above me I traced the crease of his chest muscles down, down, down until I grabbed a hold of his manhood and thrust it inside me.

“I haven’t had enough of you yet, Antoine,” I whispered. As always, he obliged, happy to satisfy me in any way he could.

It was never enough. 


After Antoine satisfied my four concurring sexual urges, I sent him on his way. Hopping in the shower, I let the steam rise around me. Who should I call after this? I wondered. My appetite ravenous with the thought of who I would ride next. My black book was swimming with the names and numbers of all the men I wanted. I could just flip it open and just choose a name. They always came running, every single time I called, no matter the day or the hour. It didn’t matter if their spouse was home or not. I called and they came… and I came, of course.








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