Monday poetry

I searched and searched to the ends of the earth. 

To be able to find and see my worth. 

And at the edge of the ocean I came to see 

that all along my happiness was buried within me.

 So I grabbed ahold and held on tight. 

Ready to be free and ready to fight. 

I left a man who never knew 

what he had was amazing and true.

 And in the end I wasn’t sad. 

For I found myself happy, just a tad. 

And when the man I left

Realized what he lose and was bereft

All I could do was smile and say

You had me by the heart

 you had my whole soul 

you had your chance 

you had it all. 

-Christina Maldonado 2016


One comment

  1. You have the gift of expression!
    (゚(゚ω(゚ω゚(☆ω☆)゚ω゚)ω゚)゚) ヾ(・ω・`)ノヾ(´・ω・)ノ゛

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