If you never see me again

If you never see me again I pray you don’t shed one tear. While I was here you were filled with hate anger and judgement. Was it deserved? I don’t know and nor do I care. I am still a person After all. 

You spend your time berating me when I’m around. Constantly reminding me how you don’t want me there. 

So if you never see me again, do not shed one tear. 

It’s funny how friends of yours and I could be in similar situations and you comfort your friend. You’re there for them. You don’t yell at them or tell them not to cry. 

I’m done with whatever type of relationship this is. So if you never see me again hold your head high. For if you never see me again I will not cry. 

And this time I won’t bother with goodbye. 



      • Okay … same comment. 😉

        I think you know this … just because they’re family doesn’t mean you have to keep them in your life. They don’t deserve you.

      • So your husband came back?

        I’m sorry you’re back in a place where you have the memories you have. Just keep pushing for what you need and want and deserve, okay. Get it done.

      • He came back and nothing changed. So I left him this time. And I’m good. I promise. When it comes to him I’m good and I can honestly say I am fine without him. This is a new battle unfortunately. One I have to figure out and quick.

      • Truth is life is about a series of challenges. Battle after battle after battle where you have to be strong and work hard and learn from your mistakes.

        On a different level, it’s something I’m trying to get both of my kids to understand. They have both gone off to college with the apparent belief that everything just takes care of itself. They are both learning the hard lesson that is not the case. Like I said, life is a series of challenges we all have to overcome.

        I’ve got faith in you and know you’ll do it.

      • I appreciate the faith you have in me since I have so little in myself. I keep reminding myself the situation is toxic but temporary. I’ve been working a lot of extra hours so that I can save up money. What’s killing me is the constant negativity and judgement. It’s hard to look past it when it’s right in your face

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