No expectations

I don’t do good alone. That’s always been my story. I get anxious and depressed. But here I am again… alone. It’s not all bad. Maybe he will realize what he’s missing and learn to appreciate me. But what if he doesn’t? Or worse… what if I realize I’m better off without him?

“Leanna? You okay?” I was interrupted from my thoughts by Jacob, the guy I was getting under in the attempt to get over my boyfriend. It worked in the moments of passion, or even during the times we would flirt via text. Unfortunately the feeling of empowerment wouldn’t last much longer than that and I’d be back to feeling alone. I hate that feeling. 

“I’m fine Jacob. Trying to get my head together and stop feeling like a smut,” I sighed.  I laughed to myself as Jacob slapped my ass and pulled me onto his lap. I knew I wasn’t being frivolous or scandalous. Our ten year relationship ended a year ago, unofficially. And even though it had officially ended a week ago, I was more than ready to move on. Or at least try. 

“Ha,” Jacob laughed. “You’re far from a smut.” 

“I know that,” I sighed. Getting up I quickly grabbed my pants off the oak dresser and sat on the edge of his bed to put them on. “I have to get out of here though. Text me tomorrow?”

Jacob got off his bed and pulled me to him kissing me hard and igniting the flames within me. I pulled away, smiled at him, and walked myself out. This was easy. No feelings. No strings. No expectations. No way to be let down. 

To be continued…


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