Let me love another

I dread the sun rise Signaling tomorrow has come. 

And oh how I despise

The moment you will be gone.

The moment is approaching

Just look at the moon

As it rises over dark clouds 

And falls to its own tune.

And I’m saddened and scared

Of what tomorrow will bring.

I’m not prepared

To lose our love thing.

I’m beautifully broken

Inside and out. 

Both tired and awoken

I feel you cry out.

You don’t seem too humble.

You don’t seem very bothered.

Once tomorrow comes 

Your love I will be no longer.

 We’ll be separate and cool

Unknowingly fooled

To this broken piece of reality.

To mend or to break free ?

Will you come back to me

Once the time has come?

But if you do will you see

Me in all of my many forms?

And wait. What if I just lose all my hope?

What if waiting is the thing that will allow me to let go?

And if I let go will you be hurt or sad at all?

Or is letting go the only choice left for me this fall?

You’re angry and rude.

Mean and crude.

You push your hurts and anxieties

Doesn’t that seem so absurd?

 Figure out what you want.

Figure out what you need.

If it’s not me, 

Sad to say,

But if it’s not me let me be.

Let me go. Let me live.

Let me love another. Let me give

All I can to another man. 

If you cannot reciprocate this love

If you cannot be true

Then darling I must let you go

No matter how much I’ll always love you. 


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