Unexpected Encounters Part III



Seeing her husband after her encounter with David wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be. Ava had been searching for years for a concrete way out, and she figured David might just help. In a way the old saying “It’s best to get over someone by getting under someone else,” completely fit her situation. Every day she spent in a state of seduction with David made her feel that much better about the deconstruction of her marriage. Instead of feeling guilty, Ava was beginning to feel free from the hive that was her life with Tom. Though she still tried to make any type of connection with him, her attempts were lessening by the day. Her mind was in a new zone, determined to find happiness in any form and at the moment, that form came in a six foot man, with porcelain skin, muscles and blue eyes.

The affair with David had been going on for a few days now, stolen kisses and caresses exciting her in a way she hadn’t been excited before. Her mind raced with filthy thoughts of the things she still wanted to do with and to him. Walking to work was becoming the highlight of her day. Quite often, David would surprise her with coffee and flowers. It felt nice to feel again- to feel special and sexy.

“Ava!” David called from a few feet away. She was so lost in thought she hadn’t seen him approaching her. She blushed, slightly embarrassed from the pictures going through her mind. Pictures of him and her a tangle of arms and legs. Kisses trailing down her body, the sound of his breathing as she climbed on top of him and —

“Hey beautiful. You okay? You seem distracted.”

Looking into his eyes and smiling she giggled, “I’m fine David. Just lost in thought with what I’d like to be doing at the moment.”

“Oh really,” he said, dropping his voice seductively and stepping closer so that his lips brushed her forehead. She took a deep breath and brushed her fingers against his. The air around them was charged and intense, a passerby was sure to get an electric shock if they walked to close. “What is going on in the amazing head of yours?”

Ava took a deep breath, stepped back, and drank him in. “Take me somewhere David,” she pleaded. Breathless she whispered, “Please.”

David couldn’t say no. Not with the way her big brown eyes seemed to be devouring him. She was so beautiful, her cheeks pink with desire, her chest rising and falling in rapid succession. He loved the way her wanting him made him feel. He felt like a king.

Grabbing her hand he pulled her in the opposite direction of her job. “You might want to call out of work, or at least say you’re going to be late.”

“Texting my boss now,” laughed Ava. “Where are you taking me?”

David stopped in his tracks, turned abruptly, and pushed her into the convexed entrance of some random apartment building. They were hidden from view. He couldn’t control himself. He flipped her hair from her face and kissed her like he had never kissed a woman before. Tongues flying, Ava couldn’t catch her breath. They were chest to chest and it still wasn’t close enough. Out of breath Ava whispered, “David. Take me. Now.”

“You do not have to tell me twice,” smiled David.

They walked briskly down the street, Ava lost in thought and David leading the way. Finally they stopped at an apartment building. David grabbed his keys, sending a wink Ava’s way. She smiled back, stepping into the hall. Three flights of stairs later David opened the door to his apartment.

Pleasantries weren’t needed. Two steps in and they were shedding clothes, grasping each other for dear life. Naked, sweating, and wanting more they landed on Davids bed with a thud. “Ava, are you sure?”

Ava was more than sure. She had never been with another man besides her husband in ten years, yet her husband wasn’t a thought in her mind. All she could see was David. “I’ve never been more sure,” she whispered.

  *    *   *

“Why do you have crayons on your floor?” Ava asked, slightly perplexed. Her head leaned over the bed, her feet tangled with his. David laughed and pulled her naked body closer to him.

“I have a niece. She likes to color.”

Ava smiled. Ten points to David, he seemed to like kids, and she had two. Not that she wanted anything serious with him, but it was good to know.

“That was amazing. I don’t think I can move,” sighed Ava. She was exhausted from the three hours of fun they just shared.

“Do you want to shower?” David asked sincerely.

“If you come with me,” said Ava slyly, her eyes like a cats, sinful and precise.

“Yes ma’me”

  *   *   *

Ava walked home in silent bliss. David argued he should walk her, but she wanted time to enjoy everything she was feeling, alone. She walked slow, drunk with emotion replaying the day in her head. She kept twirling the locket David had given her after they shared a shower and made love again.

“Look,” he said, becoming shy and slightly distanct.
Oh no, thought Ava. This was the part where he told her he never wanted to do this again.
“It’s okay David, I had fun. This doesn’t have to be weird.”
“No,” gasped David, grabbing her wrist and pulling her in for a kiss.
“I know you are just getting out of your marriage or whatever, and I know
you don’t want to start another relationship or get serious, and I’m fine with that.
But I saw this on my way to work this morning and thought of you. I’d like you
to have it, you know, wear it as a keepsake of what we shared today.”
He turned her around and placed a small silver locket around her neck. It hung
just above her cleavage and looked amazing.
“David,” she whispered. “Thank you. I love it.”

To Be Continued….



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