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Unexpected Encounters


I guess I could have stopped myself, thought Ava as she stepped off the elevator into the brisk lobby of Koehler & Koehler, her stilettos clinking against the cold tile. An affair was something she never dreamed she would encounter, but there’s a first time for everything. It happened so suddenly she didn’t have time to process it until it was already done. Was it really that bad?

Sure, she had been married now for five years, but her husband was just her husband in name and he didn’t even deserve that. He treated her as if she was nothing and Ava had begun to grow tired of the disrespect long ago. Really, she didn’t know what kept her from leaving. Perhaps it was the children, or maybe the idea of failing scared her into staying. Whatever it was, she hadn’t been happy in a long long time. Now was her time to shine, no regrets. Surprisingly she had none, but she didn’t expect herself to. She checked out of the marriage a long time ago. Her feelings towards her husband had become so artificial and weak, she wasn’t sure they were there.

Ava didn’t look twice at the young cop who frequented her building in the mornings, always stopping by her office to say hello. He was young, a few years younger than her, and it showed in his baby face. His porcelain skin was a stark contrast to her  taupe tan, his blue eyes bright to her brown. By the way he flirted with her she assumed he was single, not that it mattered. For the first time maybe ever, her only concern was herself.

Somehow they had exchanged numbers and would innocently text on occasion. Nothing too obvious of their affections towards one another. Until one day, on her lunch break she ran into him as she was walking out of her office. He hugged her and she smiled and all was lost.

“Hey Ava, you’re looking gorgeous as always. Where are you off to?” he asked.

Trying to hide her blushing cheeks she replied, “Nowhere really. Figured I’d go for a walk on my break today, you know, before the weather gets too cold for me to enjoy it. What are you up to?” She couldn’t help but smile when David got all flirty with her. She was lacking attention in her life for so long that when it was presented to her, she gobbled up every last bit.

“Well,” he began as they stepped through the glass doors onto the pavement. The wind whipped Ava’s hair across her face and before she could push it aside, David swept it behind her left ear. “I was thinking we could go somewhere and you could let me kiss you.”

“Oh. Okay,” she said under her breath. Did she hear him right? Was she agreeing with him?

They walked a few blocks til they got to Central Park. Once hidden from view David pulled Ava by the waist to a tree and kissed her. Her mind was blank, as she kissed him back, tongues twirling and hands grasping each other for dear life. For the past ten years the only lips she touched were her husband’s. He wasn’t a thought in this moment. In this moment, while David pulled her closer and kissed her softer, all she could think was how good David’s lips felt on hers. When they finally pulled apart, David brushed his finger over her lips, gently and seductively. She took a quick breath, and tried not to let her knees buckle.

“Should I walk you back to work Ava?”

She smiled and composed herself. “Sure David. Let’s go.”



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