Unexpected Encounters Part II


“How many times do I have to tell you Cole, I will never ever fall in love again.” Ava couldn’t help but tell her best friend of twenty years what had transpired between her and David earlier in the park. She giggled to herself, almost dropping her cell phone.

“Oh my God Ava, I can’t believe you are so nonchalant about this. Are you going to break up with Tim? Are you going to tell him? I don’t think you should tell him. Holy shit Ava. I’m coming over!” Cole had a way of talking over a mile a minute when she was excited about something.

“No Cole, I’ll come to you. Let me just make sure the kids are sleeping and I’ll be there soon ok? I have to let Tim know I’m leaving.” Ava grabbed her purse and stepped into the living room.

“Hey Tim, Cole needs me to come over for something. I’ll be back in a hour okay?”

“Yeah babe. See you,” he said. No kiss goodbye. No attempt to see her out. Not that she expected anything from him.

Ava walked out the door and into the night. She could hail a cab, but the night was young and for once she looked up and could see a thousand stars in the sky, something very uncommon for New Yorkers to see. She let the night lead the way, with a smile on her face and a new gait in her step. She felt rejuvenated.

Walking up to Cole’s door, she took a deep breath. “Okay Ava. Time for confession,” she whispered to herself. Letting herself in, she threw her keys and coat on the couch. “Coley kins! I’m here,” she called.

“I’m in my room! Get your ass over here and spill. And grab the wine glasses from the kitchen,” she yelled. “I grabbed the wine without the glasses again.”

A slight chuckle and off Ava went, stopping in the kitchen for the glasses and making her way to Cole’s bedroom. Cole was single and always mingling, one of the reasons Ava loved her so much.

“Ok. Spill,” Cole said as soon as Ava stepped in the room.

“Jeez Cole,” said Ava, giggling. “I just walked in the door and you expect me to delve into all the details of my day already? Damn girl. How about a hi or a how are you?”

“Fuck that,” laughed Cole, grabbing a glass from Ava’s hand and pouring wine into it. “I did not wake up today expecting my best friend to finally do something good for herself. I did not expect anything other than us going on our nightly stroll and talking about Channing Tatum’s ass like always. Spill.”

Ava laughed out loud. “Alright,” she said. “But stop bouncing around the room, you’re going to spill the wine.” Cole sat on her bed while Ava made herself comfortable on the love seat next to the fireplace. “Okay. Well, I know I don’t have to tell you about all the misery in my marriage. And to be honest, I don’t even want to,” she said, taking a sip from her glass and swishing the warm liquid around her tongue. “We just kissed. Totally unexpected and totally worth it. I was going to go walking on my break at work and he showed up saying he would walk with me, but the crazy part is when he mentioned he wanted to go somewhere he could kiss me I didn’t even hesitate.”

Cole was already pouring more wine into her cup. “Okay,” she mused. “You spent your lunch break walking to Central Park and kissing David. I thrive on details bitch. Tell me more!”

Ava smiled and rolled her eyes. “Cole, it was awesome. His lips were so soft and so perfect, and he tasted so good. And oh my God the way he grabbed me,” she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I didn’t want him to let me go.”

“So are you going to kiss him again? Do you want to sleep with him? Are you telling Tim? Fuck him. Don’t even mention it. Is this like, the birth of a new relationship? Do you want a relationship? Do you-”

“Jesus Cole, slow down,” Ava briskly cut her off. Stretching her legs, she walked to the balcony doors and stepped outside. Cole followed her, wine in hand. “Fuck Cole,” she said looking down with her eyes half closed. “It’s like he’s planted a seed in me. A seed that makes me want to finally live. I want to do whatever I can to make me happy, who gives a flying fuck about anyone else. At the end of the day, I’m left with myself anyway right?”

Cole leaned against the railing, sipping from the wine bottle. “I’m happy for you Aves, I really am. It’s about time you started living for you. Living in the moment.”

“Yeah Cole. That’s exactly what I think I need to do.”

Beep. Ava’s phone showed an incoming text from David.

I need to feel those sweet sensual lips on mine again.
Can I see you tomorrow?

“Um. Cole. When was the last time you got butterflies?”

“Ha I don’t know Ava. I guess when I slept with my neighbor. Why?”

Ava threw the phone to Cole and sat up on the railing.

“I’m ready to fly Cole.”

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  1. Hey, I did not at first expect to like this, but I really did. Does that mean I would like romance novels? I’ve always been such a literary snob. Jeez, this could be a game-changer… Excellent work with the prompt-words. Glad I found you. Take care.

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