She was tired of running. As she drove down the mountain, her life flashed before her eyes, like the signs that kept popping up advising of deer. One minute she would be envisioning the night she met him, her thoughts quickly fading to the road in front of her and back to him. She should be concentrating on the road, she knew, the icy drifts were bound to spin her car out of control eventually. The state of her emotions, however, had her more focused on her past mistakes then the upcoming turns. She had reached her limit, and couldn’t figure out what to do with herself next. She couldn’t mimic happiness anymore. It had become a chore to go about her days with a smile, when really she just wanted to run kicking and screaming.

She didn’t see the tree in the road until it was too late. Hitting the tree with the impact of an 18 wheeler, she spun and spun out of control. Her chevy flipped right over the guardrail and down the mountain she flew. Her rims flying off in opposite directions, cutting right through the branches. Turning and flipping over and over she finally landed upside down in a park.

Silence. She was stuck in her seat, starting to shiver. Her windows were all smashed, causing all of the heat in the car to flee. Her jacket was not enough to insulate her. It was the end of the line.





***This story is definitely not finished….


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