Wordles for days


As she sat on the railing of the bridge with her feet dangling and her hair billowed around her face, she couldn’t help but wonder how she got here. She had calmed down some, watching the current drift in and out, in and out. She wasn’t dizzy with revenge anymore, though the blade through her heart brought on by her husbands constant blows was locked in it’s place. As she reflected over the past ten years, her head stopped spinning. She could breathe, at least for this moment. For this moment she felt the weight lift off her shoulders. The sounds of nature around her, the crickets chirping, the wind wisping through the trees, even the sound of the river helped her to shed any grain of anxiety and depression she had left in her.

As if to signal her, the moon hid behind a cloud. She could feel his presence like a chill up her spine, yet she was a statue. He barged through the brush and up the bridge to where she sat, still calm despite her intense fear. Tired of living in a constant state of fear she decided to fear no more. Her eyes never left the moons reflection in the water. Her shoulders square, chin up, she turned her head and smiled at him.

“Before you say another word Laurant, I would like you to know that I am no longer going to filter my emotions and actions just to please you. Please leave.”

Stunned by her sudden empowerment, Laurant froze. How could it be this woman was so strong? When she left an hour ago she was crippled, in pain.

He turned and began his descent to the forest. After two steps he suddenly stopped and turned his head. Looking towards the wooden planks of the bridge he whispered, “I’m sorry Dahlia.” He could recognize her strength as she recognized his concession. He was finally letting her go.




Image result for sitting on a bridge anime


***As a side note, I need to expand on this and finish it. Possibly in the long run. I am on one of my writers block moments and I can’t seem to get my words on the screen.***



  1. I must say the possibilities in what will follow tantalise. A little bridge as illustrated, or a big, high one? A big or little river? In other words, she is going to jump and he knows he can’t stop her; or she is truly emancipated and will now follow her own path? I think it leans towards the latter, but there one would expect from him a bit more bluster or coming to terms with her change And/or something even more conclusive from her side — perhaps she adds on the lines of, ‘Ever again, no matter what.’

  2. Yes, you did complete it satisfactorily; the missing part is the backstory of Laurant and Dahlia which is left to our imagination. I even scrolled back to see if “I once knew a man” was it!

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