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I Once Knew A Man…

I once knew a great man, who loved me with all of his heart. Every day he told me so. But then, he didn’t have to voice his feelings, for you could see it in his eyes. He held a fire there, just for me. It burned with such an intensity that if I looked at it for too long, I saw the stars.

I once knew a man who’s passion lit a fire in my soul. At night, under our covers with our clothes shed and the only sound our labored breaths, he showed me. His love for me took over all of my senses. Each time we made love a hunger was awakened within the two of us. A hunger apparent to anyone who saw us together.

I once knew a man who smiled as soon as I walked into a room. A smile meant only for me. And oh what a great smile it was. It lifted me up no matter how far down I had fallen. He was my rock.

I once knew a man who protected me with all of his being. Even if all he could do was hold me, run his fingers through my hair and tell me everything was OK, it was more than enough. I was safe when I was with him. Safer than I had ever been.

I was knew a man who had big dreams. He was motivated and determined to succeed. This man wouldn’t take no for an answer, and pushed himself to far off places.

I once knew a man, so kind and sweet. Always holding my hand or finding ways to touch me, even if only for a moment. It was bliss, to be loved like that. He was gentle, and I knew he could never harm a hair on my head.

Where has this man I knew gone? Where has he disappeared to? I can’t find him anywhere, though his body is still here. I see him every day but this is not the man I once knew. This new man has somehow taken over my love, changed him to a cruel and
cold-hearted person. This man who has taken over does not know how to love, does not know how not to hurt. In his wake he leaves pain and tears. Roads of tears miles long, and he doesn’t seem to care. Maybe he doesn’t know how. I’m not sure but I am sure that this new man is not the man I once knew.

Oh, what I would do to find that man… The man I once knew.

© Christina Laureano. September 26, 2016



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