Texted Encounters

… Hey. So I know this could be weird or seem crazy
but I’m just going to cut through all the bullshit.
I know you know I want you. Lets make it happen.

whos this?

Do you really have no clue? 😉

lol no should I?

hmm. yea I would say you should lol.
I just saw you not too long ago and I know
you witnessed that smile spread across
my face when you touched me on the shoulder.

and how’d you get my number?

Don’t worry about it. I saw what I wanted
and now I’m trying to get it. I’m single now
I think it’s time I hop on another train 😉

oh really? what happened with your

does that really matter? we split ways, he
moved out.
You told me that I should do what makes
me happy. Doing you is going to make
me happy.

you know I have a girlfriend right?

That’s not my concern. 

ok. meet me after work?

sounds like a plan :*

Image result for work affair


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