I’m dying inside. He hasn’t checked on the kids or I. He hasn’t called or texted. Nothing. I am fighting within myself. I want to call him. Text him. Talk to him. I’m trying so hard not to. This is killing me inside. When does the sadness end? 

Help me lord. Please. I can’t take this overwhelming sadness I feel anymore. 



  1. It’s only been a few days and both of you are adjusting to a new situation. Every day do something that breaks you out of the cycle of sadness you’re in. Something for you, something for your kids, something that you wouldn’t normally do. Something. Anything. As long as it takes you away from the focus on what happened and what he may or may not be doing.

  2. I am so sorry the pain is awful, and it all feels hopeless. Hang tight, do to contact him! The space will be good for both even if it just feels so dark right now.
    When I felt lost I started writing and it helped tons. Sending you a virtual hug 💟

      • I mean now that he has pretty much shut down. I too will have to have contact because of my son. In the beginning of the separation he was not himself and has finally come around some. Best to you💟

      • Hang in there, they are lost. Mine is so deep in his fantasy it will hit him hard when his son calls him out on this nonsense. It’s been 8 months of separation for me and I feel my entire 22+ years were a lie, it’s awful!!!
        At first he pretended we could work on things, that was the biggest lie of all, the minute it got real he asked for the separation and back with fantasy girl with no kids and on the other coast. Texting and online makes avoiding conflict and reality very easy.

      • That’s tough. You’re stronger than I am. He came home after a week, however I’m starting to think that i should have been stronger and let him stay away? I’m so confused. Will be writing about everything later on.

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