My first night as a Single Mother…

Here we go. He didn’t come home today and he’s not here tonight. Plus he works. He said he’d see me tomorrow but I told him no since the kids will be at school. He said ok. We hung up. This is so awkward for me. I have no idea how to act around him and no clue how to respond to him. This is hard. I cry all the time, and I hold it in and then I cry harder. It’s painful.
At least he’s not hitting me right? That’s what he said today. He never wants to hit me again. He doesn’t want to be mean anymore.
I just wish I could finish with the depression part and move on.

I don’t know how much I will be writing in the coming weeks. It’s hard to see past my pain and the monster is now a constant presence. I can’t even ignore it anymore.

This is going to be rough, but I appreciate all the kind words and support I can get. There has to be a good thing to come out of this. I just wish I could see what it was.



5 thoughts on “My first night as a Single Mother…

  1. If you’re really sure about this, the best thing you can do is get an agreement in place about custody and visitation and all of that, so the rules are clear. And until then, set the rules while respecting his right as your kids’ dad.

    Good luck.

  2. You are not alone in your hard time my love, just believe in the fact that every hard time has to pass. It’s not here to stay. Think positive, you have kids for whom you have to live, to the fullest. I really wish and pray that your depression fades away and you get to live a happy life. Much Love xx

      1. I can’t possible begin to feel what you feel right now. But trust me, I’ve been through similar situations and the only way to get through this is a positive thinking. It’s our mind that takes us to the negative extremes when we feel pessimist. And we can control it if we try.
        Just try to get some help from someone who cares. Don’t be alone in this tough situation.

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