Tonight I sit and pack my husbands things. It’s sad and emotionally draining but I have to do it. He wants to live the single life so I am going to give that to him. I deserve to be appreciated and loved, I deserve a man who knows my worth and loves me. He can’t do any of that for me right now, he admits it. So I sit and I pack his things and pray that in the morning he just takes them and leaves. I am very sad today. I really really need a strong support system, friends, and maybe a full time job.

I didn’t realize the friends I had until I took to instagram looking for someone to offer me some type of comfort. Anything. And it worked. I have texts coming in of such kind words, offers of support, a dinner date with my girlfriend and her son… It’s not looking as dark as it was a few hours earlier as I laid on my couch and cried my heart out. It’s still dark, but maybe not as black as I thought it was.

One step at a time. 


sad anime girl wallpaper (1).jpg


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