Well, That Was Fun.

The monster didn’t show up last night, much to my surprise. What was even more surprising is that I actually had a pretty decent time. The night, of course, didn’t start that way which is why I am slightly surprised why my monster didn’t come to haunt me. Maybe the laughter kept it at bay. Whatever it was that kept the monster away I’m glad it did. It’s been a while since I genuinely enjoyed myself or was able to enjoy the company of others.

I worked all day yesterday and as soon as I got home my hubs left with B. I didn’t mind. I took the kids to my parents house to tire themselves out in the pool. I needed the baby to sleep for my sister since she offered to watch them. When it was time to leave I really didn’t think we were going to be able to go. The baby did not want to sleep but luckily by the time I picked Britt up and got back to my apartment he was knocked out.

I really feel like my husband wants to find excuses so he can get away from me. All week he was telling me not to go last night. Then, we get there and he tells me I should just go home because I already look like I’m upset and he doesn’t want me to ruin his mood. Well, dear husband, I was fine until you said that. (Enter long pointless argument where husband hears what he wants to hear and denies half the things he actually just said here.)

Thank the heavens my new friend was there. She’s such a sweet girl and we seem to have a lot in common. We even seem to think the same as shown by the fact that when she handed me her phone last night I put my number in it and no words had to be exchanged. LOL.

Last night actually wasn’t so bad. 


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