Lets talk hair – Hair growth tips and tricks 👸👸

My hair never grows no matter what I do… tried everything on here and still no luck =(


You know how we have all had those moments where by

  • Our hair just refuses to grow even a centimeters longer
  • Our hair constantly remains dry even after the endless creaming and conditioning
  • Our hair remains brittle and just keeps breaking off after each brush
  • Our hair refuses to keep that glowing and radiant shine after conditioning and washing

Well let’s wish all those issues goodbye. Here are a few tips and tricks which are bound to improve hair growth, kiss that scalp dryness goodbye, say hello to glowing strands and strong hair….

  1. Give your scalp a massage- Scalp massages help the hair in so many ways but most importantly stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. And this on the other hand releases oils from the scalp which helps strengthen the hair roots and keep hair moist. A scalp massage is best enjoyed with the use carrier oils. Carrier oils…

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