Where do you live?

I want to start living my life everyday happy with who I am and where I am and where I am headed. How do I accomplish this? Well, I need a change of scenery. I want to move. But where to? Well I decided to compile a list of things I want in my new destination…

  • Warm weather most of the year
    • I hate the cold. I hate winter and I absolutely hate weather that I need to wear heavy clothing. I don’t mind spring or even early autumn but I am NOT a winter person. Warm weather is a must!
  • Beaches, Sand, & Ocean Waves
    • Right now I live about 20 minutes from a very small beach. I live 40 minutes to an hour to the nicer beaches (Jones Beach, Robert Moses…) and I hate Port Jeff Beaches because of all the rocks. If I could afford it, I’d choose to live on the beach. Since I probably can’t I’d like to live within walking distance. I want to be able to get up early, as the sun is rising, and jog on the sand, read my book, or just watch the waves. I’d like to take my children often too. Being a Pisces, of course I need to be near the water.
  • Good Schools
    • I have children, one of which is starting Kindergarten this September, so schools are very important to me. I need a school that offers services (speech, OT) for my daughter. I am not opposed to private or catholic schooling as long as I could afford it. I also want to be in a district that has sports, since my son already acts like a football player and my daughter dances like no one is watching.
  • Good Salary
    • I feel like outside of NY this is hard to come by. I currently live on Long Island and the salary is no where near decent for the price of living out here. Especially with food and gas prices on the rise and apartments costing more than I make in a month. It’d be nice to find somewhere to live that isn’t so pricey all around. I want to live my life happy and have fun. I don’t want to work just to pay bills like I’ve been doing for so long.
  • Daycare
    • If we move, we won’t have help at all. Finding a good safe daycare that I can feel comfortable leaving the kids at if need be is a must.

That’s the main factors I throw into my moving necessities.
Where do you live? What are the pros and cons? Do you know where I should move to suit my needs and wants? I’d love some feedback!!!


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