Laugh With Me.


Laugh with me.

Shed your fears.

The day is young my darling, my dear.

Lift up those quilts.

Embrace the sun.

It’s warmth is fine, it’s rays bring fun.

Hear the birds chirp and tweet.

Watch their hatch-lings grow.

New life brings much love you know.

And when night falls,

Do not weep with dread.

Watch the stars twinkle, you can see them from your bed.

And if you dream, dream well.

Spice up your night time plight.

Dance into the early rays of the morning light.

Your wit grows day by day.

It shocks those who intend to dread.

Makes them wish it were them dancing on the bed.

Dance away my dear,

Keep laughing and smile.

The sun is out for now, night will come in a while.




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