Me Before You (Possible Spoiler Alert!)





If I had to tell you something no one knows, it’s that I’ve been in love with hundreds of men.


I don’t know what it is about me that has me falling head over heels for a character in every single romance, action, thriller, drama etc novel I read. It drives me insane but in a good way. I love it.

Now, I just finished reading Me Before You (in a day and a half btw) and I don’t really know how I feel about it. I loved it but I didn’t get the ending I was hoping for. It did, however, open my eyes to a life I could never imagine living. It taught me that love doesn’t save anything but regardless it is still important and should be embraced. I learned that life sometimes hands you lemons and other times it hands you shit and sometimes it’s hard dealing with either.

I loved the characters in the book. Watching Louisa grow so much in such a short period of time gave me hope that all hope is not lost with myself after all. I loved the part where Will finally started opening up to her. I especially loved the letter he wrote her in the end. My heart is broken of course, but I am looking forward to reading After You, even though I miss Will terribly already.

Will. What a complicated individual. In the beginning I had a hard time with his character though I am not completely certain why. He was so distant, but I grew to love him with each turn of the page.

I hated the boyfriend but he reminded me of a ton of people I know who were once overweight and once lost the weight seemed all about themselves. At least he did it naturally (I think) and without surgery. It actually pisses me off when people get surgery like a tummy tuck or something and then parade to the world how good they look (usually on Facebook). Seeing the comments line up like “Wow, you look amazing!” or “OMG So jealous! How did you do that?” and no mention of the tummy tuck or lap band or whatever actually pisses me off.

Anyway that’s a story for another post I guess. For now, what were your thoughts if you read the book?


Also, do you think the book condones suicide in any way? I’m not sure.


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  1. I’m a firm believer in the availability of assisted suicide for those who are terminally ill or for those who have lost hope, for whatever reason. The only person who should have control over my life, whether I live or die beyond the moment when my body gives out on its own, is me and only me. As it relates to the story, yes, Will had the right to the choice he made. If somebody I knew was in the condition he was in, I would do everything I could to support him or her in that decision.

    Which leads to the larger lesson of the story. There are moments when we can choose to act selfishly and moments when we can choose to do otherwise. And that there is, very possibly, greater value and greater gain and greater love and greater potential in the act of acting unselfishly, no matter how much pain we believe that act may cause for ourselves.

    I didn’t know there was a sequel to Me Before You. I don’t think I have any interest in reading it, because Me Before You should stand on its own for what I describe above.

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