Here we go. 

I’m done. Tired of being around family who doesn’t want me there. Tired of being in an abusive relationship where I’m the only one who cares. Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow I’m packing up all the kids clothes and my stuff and some toys and I’m making the trek  to grandpas. At least I know I’m wanted there. 
He’s drunk again. What else is new. Drunk and not caring for anyone but himself. And what do I do? I take care of him and put him to bed and I start packing. I have no clean clothes so I’m thinking I may have to stop at the laundromat first. Don’t want the kids not having anything for the trip. Not even sure if I will be able to drive the whole way without stopping though. It’s a long long trip and I’m not sure how road trips with children under 5 works. I figure if I leave around their bedtime maybe they will sleep the whole way? But is that ok for kids to be in a car seat for that long? The drive is about 13 hours. I guess I’ll figure it out as I go?

The other problem is I have little to no money. Once I get there I don’t see that changing. 

I’m sad to leave my husband but it’s the only option I believe I have left. 

Well… Here we go. 



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