What is family?

What is family? As I’m sitting here spending time with my husband and children this Mother’s Day, I know that this right here is family. What about beyond that? Beyond the walls of your home, what is family? 

My parents and siblings are out to dinner. I wasn’t invited. According to my dad I have my own family. What does that mean? 

I hate holidays. I remember hanging out at my best friends house during holidays. Her whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, everybody would be together. It was a great time yet I was always left feeling slightly envious. My family rarely does that. My mom makes it seem as if she doesn’t want to and my dad always seems annoyed. 

I can’t wait to buy our house. If our apartment wasn’t so small I’d have every holiday at my home. That’s what I’ve always wanted. Sunday dinners, random stop bys. I love the idea of it. I wish I knew. 

I wish I knew what family is



  1. Family is what you decide it is for you. This is one of those areas in which my wife and I are different. Once I got married and had kids, my family became them. The four of us against the world. Yes and obviously, our larger family (parents and siblings and all the rest) would be there at times. It’s not like I was divorcing them or would never have anything to do with them again, but my one and only priority, my family, was the other three people living under the roof I provided for them. My wife, on the other hand, has never left her larger family behind. And all too frequently, our priorities are over-ridden by their priorities. She would be surprised that I have this opinion, but it’s how I feel. My family was always the four of us. Her family is everybody who is a blood relative of hers and a huge circle of friends.

    My family remains the four of us, and a few close personal friends that I trust with everything I think, say, and feel. That to me is who your family should be … who can you trust with your darkest secrets and your deepest feelings. Who would you go to war for. Those people are your family.

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